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Saturday Dance Social

Offered to current registered students taking classes with Teresa, the principle instructor.

Group Dance Lesson:

The Saturday night dance social starts with a beginner group lesson on one of the four social dances. This group lesson is designed for first time dancers. Worry free, you will be taught everything you need to know to join us on the dance floor. The Social dances include: waltz, foxtrot, rumba, and Jive/swing.
We will teach one the four dances for two consecutive Saturday nights before we move on to another of the social dances, cycling through all four dances in eight Weeks
The group lesson will last one hour, with an additional hour beginner practice time
See Calendar For lesson schedule

All Levels Dance Social:
The key to becoming successful in dance is like any other sport or activity. It requires practice. Consider an example of going out for a round of golf. The first few times you try this sport, you may be able to hit the ball and have an enjoyable time, but if you want to be good at it, you must work for it.
Ballroom dancing is an activity that involves a workout for your body, mind and soul - it can be light, or as vigorous as you want. All aspects of dance may not come immediately to you, but you can certainly have fun while working towards getting there. Practice hard and reap the benefits of this very social pastime!
Dance Discovery Saturday Dance socials are open to the public, instructor DJd and supervised. This means that we will announce what the dance is and that the music will be appropriate for the dance. Also, if you run into difficulty working out a particular pattern or step, we are available to help you out.

Singles are welcome, however, before you decide to attend, keep in mind that Dance Discovery does not provide dance partners and a dance partner may not be available. Singles should arrange to meet a dance partner at the dance.

Call Teresa for more information 250-372-8080