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Our Private Lesson Program


Our private lesson program is a proven 3-Step method of learning that guarantees accelerated progress and dramatic results. It consists of three types of dance lessons. Each of the dance lessons is an integral part of achieving your dance goals. Based on the actual results of our students, those actively participating in the 3 types of sessions progress much faster and with better understanding, comfort and confidence.


Step 1: Personalized Private Lesson
The Private lesson is the core of your training; it is the most important step in becoming a proficient dancer. It is tailored to your personal needs, with focus on dance technique, styling, music recognition and interpretation. 100% of the teacherís attention is directed to you, working closely with you to develop your posture, balance, control, comfort and confidence with the dances that you choose.
No two people learn the same way or at the same rate. Private dance lessons offer much more gain in a comparable period of time than any other type of lesson. The general rule of thumb is that you will receive as much from a one hour private dance class as four hours of group classes.
Private dance classes can be scheduled any time between 2:00 PM to 9:30 PM Monday to Friday, and on Saturday, giving you the ability to cater your dance program to fit your busy schedule

Step 2: Interactive Group Class
Here you will learn in a fun atmosphere with people at a similar level as yourself. The group class generally ranges anywhere from 10 to 24 students. The group class is an important aid to your private instruction. In the group lesson we put a great deal of emphasis on variety of patterns and dance steps although some group dance classes cover the technique and styling aspects of dancing. Group dance classes are a great way to cover new material and dance steps that you can take to your private dance lessons for your dance instructor to touch up on.
Step 3: Supervised Practice Sessions
Learning the dance steps is great, but they aren't of much use if you can't actually dance them. Dance practice helps the student learn how to "navigate" around a crowded dance floor. Practice sessions are conducted in a party atmosphere and gives the student a chance to practice the dances they have learned in a real social dance setting (not to mention that they're truckloads of fun). You gain confidence and comfort with your dancing. You will develop "floor craft", music recognition, posture, grace, balance, muscle tone and strength, leading and responsiveness, while meeting many new friends in a fun, friendly atmosphere.