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Private versus Group Lessons Programs


Private Lesson Program


  What You Get

  What You Don't Get

  *  Individual attention   *  Lowest cost
  *  Easy-to-learn steps  
  *  "Coach" like training with your teacher as a  
       dance partner  
  *  Specifically-designed program  
  *  Training which includes nuances and finer  
  *  Included group lessons  
  *  Included practice sessions  
  *  Many partners to hone your skills at group  
      and practice sessions  
  *  A social group, which also comes to the  
  *  Flexibility  

Group Lesson Program

  What You Get   What You Don't Get
  *  Low cost   *  Specifically-designed program
  *  Easy-to-learn steps   *  Truly advanced dance instruction
  *  A social group   *  Instruction on nuances, technique,
        and the finer points of dancing
    *  Individual attention
    *  Adequate practice time
    *  The ability to learn at your own speed
    *  Flexibility